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There's A Reason Why So Many Female Members Of Congress Wore Pink To The Inauguration 


Garments came to symbolize a great deal amid the U.S. race. Pantsuits, pussy bow pullovers, and even merch were shaded with new importance all through the battle. Furthermore, it doesn't appear as though that will change at any point in the near future, even with another president in office.

Much like people gotten on Hillary Clinton's suffragette white outfit for President Donald Trump's Inauguration, many instantly spotted Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts in the group, to some degree as a result of her splendid pink scarf.

In light of Republican endeavors to annul parts of the Affordable Care Act (and defund Planned Parenthood all the while), female individuals from Congress chosen to remain in solidarity for ladies' entrance to human services discreetly, yet not quietly — and they did as such with attire.

 It couldn't be any more obvious, Senator Warren adorned her dark peacoat with a pink scarf that was evidently official Planned Parenthood merch.

Representative Warren wasn't the only one, however. Numerous female individuals from Congress in the group of onlookers were spotted wearing brilliant pink scarves in support of the association. Representative Patty Murray of Washington clarified her outfit decision in a long Facebook post. 


"In minutes like these, little motions matter," she composed. "So this is what I am doing: I am going to gladly and conspicuously wear my pink Planned Parenthood scarf to this Inauguration. I trust President-elect Trump sees it, and I trust he comprehends what it means and my identity there to speak to: the a great many individuals in Washington state and the nation over who dismiss scorn and division, and will battle back against any endeavors to move back the advance we've made."

Agent Cheri Bustos of Illinois likewise posted a photo of her shading coded closet: She postured at the U.S. State house close by associates "wearing #ProtectOurCare catches and pink scarves or coats" in solidarity. "Here to bolster the serene trade of energy in the best majority rule government on Earth," she composed. Agent Chellie Pingree of Maine, one of the individuals from Congress boycotting President Trump's Inauguration, in the interim, chosen to visit a Planned Parenthood wellbeing focus.

Recently, Senator Warren was in Boston, with more than 600 of her constituents, dissenting the rollback of the Affordable Care Act, Politico announced. A couple of days after the fact, she was back in Washington, D.C., this time for a gathering to examine the ramifications of having Senator Tom Price affirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services and the danger it postures to Planned Parenthood, particularly, as per Teen Vogue. The battle's just barely started — and these female individuals from Congress have the closet to demonstrate it.

We've connected with Planned Parenthood for input, and will refresh our story when we hear back. 

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